How Private Education is Changing in Vancouver

There are almost 2,000 private schools spread across Canada. Out of these figures, Vancouver remains to be one of the hottest spots for prestigious private schools. However, this does not necessarily mean that residents of Vancouver lack sufficient options for their children’s early education. The public school  system is also established in the state, but the enrollees continue to decline in the recent years.

What’s in a Vancouver private school?

private classroomTop of the reasons why parents are pulling their children out of public school is the lack of attention being provided for by the teachers to the students. Close-in attention is especially important for parents   who have child from pre-school to Grade 4. Private schools for children with learning disability is also on   the rise in Vancouver, given parents the peace of mind that their child is being attended to with the needed attention, patience, and care. Vancouver private schools can range from having just eight students per class. A huge class size would mean around 30 students in one classroom.

This has long been the edge of the private schools in Vancouver throughout the years, even with a slightly higher tuition rate, the institutions have managed to maintain the low student-to-teacher ratio.

Private School Rates

Given the access to quality learning from private schools, how much does it actually cost to send a child   there? Some school rates are actually attractive at $4,000 – $5,000 per year. But this rate is usually for   elementary levels. Schools for early childhood and special education have particularly higher rate, which   could fall between $8,000 to $15,000 per year. Toronto and Vancouver are particularly famous for expensive tuition fees, especially for private schools that also cover boarding fees. This is highly influenced by the expensive real estate prices as, well. Pre-school and kindergarten have the lowest rate, but parents can find even cheaper rates for this level in day cares and nursery schools.

What To Expect From A Private School

Fortunately, the expensive rates of the private schools in Vancouver are well-justified in the kind and   quality of education and services being extra curricular activities provided to both the students and parents, as well. For instance, in one of the private school for kids in Vancouver, the teaching method is highly customized. This means that the teacher takes time to get to know each student and create a learning plan that according to the

abilities of each student. Apart from ensuring academic learning, the curriculum also includes community service, fine arts, as well as sports and recreation. The goal is to create well-rounded students who are able to give back to their local community whether it’s through their academic or practical learning.

Majority of the private schools also prevent giving homework, and instead ensure that all the necessary  school work and extracurricular activities are done within school hours. This means that the student will still have enough free time from late noon to night.